Macoto Takahashi

Anybody who wants to be an expert in classic/retro shoujo should know about Macoto/Makoto Takahashi. Famous for his shoujo-ga (young, apple cheeked and sparkly-eyed girls illustrations) work, Makoto debuted in the late 1950s. Over the years, his artwork has appeared in magazines, stationary, and numerous other merchandise. I absolutely adore his art, as it captures early shoujo perfectly.

Below are scans from his book Macoto's Princesses (also known as Macoto no Ohimesama or MACOTOのおひめさま). Click on the images for a bigger look. This is still being printed! Get your own copy HERE!


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  1. I like this art, it's really cute and represents the era well. Once I saw an old school shoujo manga and the character basically had galaxies in her eyes XD



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