Classic Shoujo Is Now At 8tracks, Too!

Did you know I have a playlist titled "Ladies Of Vintage Japan" over at 8tracks? Listen to classic stars like Hibari Misora (pictured above, center) and the Peanuts any time you want. Don't worry, shojo music is coming soon and I'll be adding Christmas goodies!

Ladies Of Vintage Japan


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This site is meant to showcase the retro shoujo manga that I have in my collection. I own physical copies of these books, so if you are looking for a torrent or scanlation for them, I can't help you in that department. Sorry! Please buy your own copies - it's much more fun!


This site is for entertainment purposes only. I did not create any of these manga.

what is shoujo?

From the Wikipedia page: Shōjo, shojo, or shoujo manga (少女漫画 shōjo manga?) is manga marketed to a female audience roughly between the ages of 10 and 18. The name romanizes the Japanese 少女 (shōjo), literally "little girl". Shōjo manga covers many subjects in a variety of narrative and graphic styles, from historical drama to science fiction — often with a strong focus on human and romantic relationships and emotions.